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Weekly Sked: June 5


Winter is upon us!  What does that mean for fishing across the country? Well lets go!

Sydney Swords

Last weekend’s Broken Bay Invitation saw the end of the major NSW tournament circuit and while there is plenty of good fishing usually to be had during the colder months (yellowfin and southern bluefin tuna) there are still billfish species to be caught and the swordfish craze continues!  Case and point Capt. Danial Carlson’s Little Audrey who put themselves onto the boat’s first daytime sword on Sunday at 80kg for owner Phil.  As Port Hacking GFC reports, this was one of two swords caught yesterday with the second at 50kg to Ryan Camlin fishing on Cleavedge.


This past week the bite returned to Bermi (and then disappeared as fast as it arrived?!) Nathan Brown’s Head Hunter went 4 from 5 last Tuesday which put them on 100 for the season.  Next up for Bermi is the arrival of the SBT which is keenly awaited.


It’s too windy, go home! Haha! But seriously our winter-time trade winds have kicked in. Typically a great time to fish up here with the little black marlin starting to show and good inshore sport fishing (Spanish mackerel anyone?). But it has been blowing non stop for several weeks.

Light tackle generally runs through to mid-September after which we get geared up for the big fish.  There are some well known boats with days still available so be sure to get in fast if you haven’t already. you can contact directly via the boat directory.

In the meantime as we wrap up our Gulf season (I got home this week), I’ve been keeping myself busy with some marlin art from my season photos (example at top). Head on over here if you are interested in seeing more!

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