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Light tackle black marlin in Townsville


(For those looking for the report from the weekend in Cairns, it’s the next post here.)

Townsville GFC club boats enjoyed the weekend club pointscore on the water at Cape Bowling Green.

These are the number of tags for each boat over the two days:

Bite Me – 8 (6 black marlin 2 sailfish)
Black Watch – 1 (black marlin)
Eldorado – 2 (black marlin)
Frantic Pace – 1 (black marlin)
Grey Ghost – 3 (2 blacks, 1 sailfish)
OB1 – 1 (black marlin)
Penetration – 1 (sailfish)
Quick Bill – 6 (black marlin)
Reef Raine – 2 (black marlin)
Reel Crazy – 6 (black marlin)
Unbelievable – 2 (black marlin)

That’s 33 billfish tags in total as well as a lot more seen.  Renee reports the marlin range in size from 5kg to 20kg and so if the fish hang in there, it will be an exciting couple of months ahead including the 2017 Mike Carney Billfish Challenge 15-19 August.  Thanks Renee for sending the results.

Outside of the club pointscore, Allan Craperi fished Friday in the perfect weather on board his boat Key West and managed to put his eldest son Ethan (14) onto his first marlins. Allan said he was lagging behind little brother so it had to happen! :-)

Ethan went 2 from 2 on little blacks after a quick fish on Friday morning on the Southern grounds. Allan said they had to work to find the bait down that far as it was their first trip for the year, but when they did the fish were right on it.

Great action photo at top of one of Ethan’s fish!

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