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Small Fry Grand Slam & more wacky Gulf


Exmouth Small Fry Grand Slam

Report from EGFC and Tackleworld’s Jeni Gate of youngster Zac Owens of Mindarie, on holidays with his Dad Scott and Brother Jake, and just 7 years old who caught this pending striped marlin record this week.

Not only that but he also released two black marlin and a sailfish in a single day to mark a grand slam for the 7 year old. Jeni reckons that’s a record too and I can’t help but agree.

Also pictured is Bob Witcombe who helped out as skipper/deckie. All GFAA rules were adhered to. Zac is one awesome angler!

Gulf of Carpentaria Surprises Again

Also picture at top another wayward species found in the Gulf of Carpentaria with this dolphin fish caught by being shot by a bow by the youngster in the pic from the banks of the Edward River!  The Edward River is near Pormpuraaw towards the bottom of the Gulf. Amazing!  Thanks again to Ben “Notso” Bright for sending in!


The weather is back to our 2017 winter standard of no-good this week but Capt. Ross Finalyson’s Top Shot fished yesterday for 3-4 black marlin and a feed of mackerel in the rough conditions with the early mark home. So we’ll all be looking forward to another break in the weather to get out again!

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