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North Queensland light tackle on fire


The Innisfail Billfish tournament heads into its final day of fishing today and the fish have brought their A-game thus far!

Wombino lead out with a great day of fishing on Day 1 ending with 6 tags from 8 black marlin.  Yesterday they were reeled in and taken over by Capt. Chris “Sharky” Miles’s team on Levante who after tagging two sails on Day 1, stormed to the front yesterday with 8 blacks to put them on 10 tags at the end of Day 2.  Wombino also added another 2 to put them on 8 heading into the final day.

Charles Camuglia on Wombino and fishing alongside the local legend Rod Collins tells me who is well into his 80s now, still has the touch.  Rod has been fishing the comp since the early 70’s and has only ever missed one!

Charles also said there are plenty of boats on ones and twos and I believe Pleiades is on 5.  Pics of Charles and Rod hooked up at top.

The fish seem to be spread all the way along the coast between Cairns and Townsville (although I did see some caught all the way down at Bundy!).

Although the bite yesterday was a bit quieter off Fitzroy (many boats with 1s and 2s – nothing like the 8 tags for Top Shot back on Monday) another day another result and there will be plenty targeting them out there today as well with the better weather.

Peter “Mutta” Mammino had the same issue of Lucinda fishing with the great Laurie Wright on his boat Electrocution.  Plenty of bait but not the numbers of fish to be seen that they had been encountering earlier in the week. In fact Mutta said the kids, who were asleep when Laurie caught the fish, won’t believe they caught one :D

Down off Cape Bowling Green Kiama went 5-3-3 on sails with two more days fishing over the weekend to go!

Photo below I took of a sail on our little boat Senshi yesterday.


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