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Wide runs


It seems like with the dirtier water on the edge many boats have been finding their success a bit wide. And with the glamour conditions, lure as getting their fare share of the glory.

Capt. Dan McCarthy on Moana III followed up on what has been a great post Lizard Island stint for him with a 100lb-er and 850lb-er yesterday. He also fought another big blue the day before unfortunately jumping it off as well as releasing a 400lb black.

Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition headed into Cooktown on changeover last night with 2 from 4 out wide at 400 and 550lb both blacks. They also dropped 2 smaller ones.  And Capt. Russell Caporns Kaizen also released one about 100lbs this time for Jamie Behrens in the chair.  While Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Hot Shot caught a big sail!

Catch up report from Matt Wells who fished last Sun/Mon/Tues finishing up on the centre console Ultimate Sinner with Jack Sprouster with a 11-9-6.   Matt reports that most fish were in the 150-400lb range but we had a big girl stalking the big skip bait the first day but wouldn’t eat it. They made up for that on the Tuesday when another crash tackled the skipping scaly for a fish that Jack called for over the mark. While they had the leader early on in the fight she dogged down deep and unfortunately after 40mins of hard work on stand up they broke line. (Pic at top)


Capt. Haydon Bell’s Kanahoee has had a week open up November 15-21.

Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition has an overnight 12/13 Nov as well as 26 Nov to Dec 2 open

Capt. Sparra on Hot Shot also has a share spot available November 19-23.


The Fraser to Gold Coast area has been fishing great over the past several weeks with many boats taking advantage of great conditions over the weekend thus far.  On the Gold Coast, Capt. Ross McCubbin went 2 from 4 on blues as well as a big stripey and tells me that Old School went 2 from 6 on blues as well.

Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA continues their southern GBR jaunt as well with the current marlin tally 8 blues, 2 stripes, 1 black.  Yesterday was 2 blues as well as a 150lb yellowfin from a big school sipping on the surface!

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