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SEQ summer marlin


The little blacks are making their way down the coast and have hit the Goldy in time for summer holidays!

Starting at the top, after some questionable weather for his guests, Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition left the anchorage at Musgrave yesterday fishing down to Fraser Island for 3 black marlin in the 150-200lb range.

Off the Sunshine Coast, Brent Higgins and crew on Sicario released two blue marlin as well as two black marlin (and raised another two blue marlin as well). Brent said that the fish were all the way along the shelf and that they raised 2 at the top, 2 about 3 miles down and 2 at dogleg on way home! On the rod in the pic above, Brett Barton had a bit of a close call with this little fella who wanted to join them on board. Saved by a shirt!

And down on the Gold Coast, Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Hot Shot, fresh home from Cairns was straight back into it with 2 from 4 on the juvenile models.

And a report from Jeremy who fishes solo in his 4.4m Haines. Jeremy said he fished yesterday for a 3-3-1. He had a dollie hit, jump and throw a lure early on, followed by another unknkown hit soon after that bent the rod on 10 kg tackle without taking much drag and et go after 3 seconds. And then a black of about 25 kg that hit at 12.10 pm just after the tide change in 60 m SE of the Seaway. Jeremy reports that bait was very scarce on the 36s or 50s, but there were a few schools of pillies and yakkas in 50m with the water temp was 27.2 on the 50s as well.

I also heard there was a good blue marlin bite down there out wide. No doubt there will be plenty out today and over the weekend as well with the weather forecast for great conditions!

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