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Weekly Sked: January 11


Some great fishing all across the country is happening right now. Here’s a quick recap:

(PS I’m on the road Monday but will update a new report by Tuesday, in the meantime updated most recently below!)

Sunshine Coast

Updated 14/1: And great results for Mooloolaba GFC club boats too with Jamie Behrens reportingMGFC boats have been getting into the light tackle black marlin this week. Jamies says that Roll the Dice went 3 from 3 on Thursday while Real Life went 2 from 2 on Friday.

Updated 13/1: Another great day of fishing off Mooloolaba yesterday on Shearwater. Neville Martens reports a 9-6-4 black marlin and dolphin fish all to young Bryce Bartelson. And David Granville fished 2 up with Craig McCulloch on his Reel Capture  for 6 from 7!

Club boats are still enjoying a great run of blacks. Rob “Smithy” Smith’s Capricorn went 5 from 7 yesterday all in the 20-25kg range. On the heavy, Dee Cox’s Miss Chief went 2 from 3 on blacks jumping one about 300lbs off.

Fraser Island

On KEKOA we are back at Fraser Island for one last trip before heading north to return to Cairns. Yesterday we went 3 from 6 black marlin (missing a stripe, blue and black). The day before 1 black and the day before 1 blue. The fish are still here and we’ve been raising quite a few!

Port Macquarie

At Port Mac, the 2018 Garmin Golden Lure is in full swing with a record 54 boats competing. While yesterday was a lay day, there has been some good fishing already with quite a few blacks around as well as the odd stripe and a few blues.

Noteable captures include a blue marlin at 146.4 on 37 kg line for Zac Danby while small fry Madison Fairlie weighted a tiger shark at 85 kg on 37kg line which is a pending NSW and Australian record for a female small fry!

Central Coast Bluewater Classic

Congrats to the team on Capt. Scotty Thorrington’s Freedom who took home the win on the weekend (Champion Boat Over 8m) and to Fiona Thorrington who was Champion Female Angler (2 tagged stripes on 10kg). Champion Boat Under 8m went to Chasin’ Tail.


Updated 12/1: James Yerbury reports that its been a busy week around Sydney & JB with striped marlin in the fast current 80-120 fathoms off JB.  There are also big inshore blacks on bait schools all around Sydney with several (5-6) being caught every day and some boats getting up to 3 bites.

He went 2-2-2 on Monday on stripes at JB – only saw 3-4 other boats.  1-1-1 on blacks Sydney on Tuesday with Al McGlashan in very snotty conditions (but most boats out got a fish) and then 2-2-2 on blacks Sydney yesterday (Thursday) again with Al. James said he heard of about 10 fish caught across about 10 boats and a couple of other stripes offshore.


Updated 12/1: Good early season number off Bermi as well. Nathan Brown’s Head Hunter went 3 from 3 on stripes yesterday.  Nathan says that there is still plenty of fish there yesterday but they had shut down somewhat after a few days biting well.  He said its also looking really good out of Bermagui here but not the numbers of fish there yet (which can change overnight)!


Capt. Eddy Lawler’s Peak Sport Fishing was at it again this week with another incredible day on the water going 4 from 4 on black marlin and 6 from 9 on blue marlin on Monday!

I also had a catch up report from Adam Cotrell from Seaforce who will be spending more time in Exmouth this year starting with Gamex in March.

Fishing out of Coral Bay over New Years into the first few days in January and only able to get out 4 days due to weather. Adam reports the water looked good in colour only 2mile off the back of reef and that they raised fish every trip with only 1-2 hours of trolling on each day. On Wednesday (last Wed) they went 3-2-1 on Black Marlin with lures in the water for only about an hour with a fish about 40kg but one of the ones dropped was a larger 100kg+ model that followed the long rigger in as in and hit the long corner and putting on a good show before throwing the lure on a jump.

More to come! (I will update this post as reports come in. We are fishing so service has been a little iffy here).

Photo at top one I took yesterday at Fraser Island. Report from our trip coming soon.

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