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More great early year fishing


Updated for 7 Jan fishing: A hot day of fishing on the Gold Coast again for the Caelli’s Jugs. Matt tells me they went 5 from 9 heavy tackle (4 blues and 1 stripe with the blues ranging from 40kg too 250kg).  They also spent the last couple hours trying to get a slam on light tackle and missed a couple of blacks!

Nearby on the blues, Jesse Hill’s Reel Teaser was unlucky again on the conversions going 9-5-1 — missing 8 blues and converting the stripe!  Jesse was fishing with Kelly Mills the day before also and went 10-4-3 black marlin and even had a shot at 2 on fly!

On the Sunshine Coast Jamie Behrens tells me that MGFC club boat Roll the Dice went 1 from 4 yesterday. While Jamie tried something different by hooking himself on a crazy dolphin fish in the boat with the hook ending up in his foot! Ouch!

Updated for 6 Jan fishing: Both coasts firing again with the blues on the Gold Coast. Great photos at bottom from Casey Harrison on Jugs who went 2 from 3 on blues while Casey tells me Nick in Carboss went 3 from 4. I head of some other good numbers as well.

Brad Dobinson on Special K got a striped marlin yesterday on the switch program on 8kg and also went 1 from 4 blues heavy tackle. That follows up from another 2 blues the day before on the delivery trip from Mooloolaba to Southport.

Garmin’s Wayne Thomsen fished Point Lookout yesterday for 2–2-2 juvenile black marlin which was great fun Wayne said with boats around them catching them as well. Both fish were for junior Ryan Thomsen

Meanwhile on the Sunshine Coast, David “Tagpole” McMaster’s Pole Dancer danced’ rings around friendly rival Chaos with 3 from 4 blacks. (He made me say it! ;-))


Previously (5 Jan): Heading back to Hervey Bay after a stint at Musgrave Island, Hayden Fritten’s The Outlaw had some good late season fishing for a half day with 2 black marlin on the way south towards Fraser Island including one that Rhys Yonan-Wise on deck put at 850lbs for sister Michelle, her first, in a 2.5 hr fight as well as a 200lb-er for wife Lee!

On the Sunshine Coast the juvie fish are in close with Mooloolaba GFC’s Jamie Behrens fishing with Andre Venter on his boat Real Life for 1 black Thursday but had plenty more chance with lots of fish and bait in the area. Jamie reports Steve Turner on his boat Tourettes tagged a sail and that the water was clear and blue with the temp hitting 28 degrees!

Light tackle yesterday on Sunshine Coast GFC’s Raising Havoc with a 8-4-2 on the little blacks with what Daniel said were super soft bites.

Earlier in the week other SCGFC crews including Jason Pietzner was fishing on Gary Olhsen’s Sea Star on Wednesday with Troy Rumbelow and Dale Penhall at Mooloolaba wide for a blue and a stripe. Jason said they did not see much in the way of bait or birds but they also took home a 12kg dolly.

Dale Penhall likewise Fished with Daniel Couchman on his boat Smells Fishy on New Year’s Day going 2-2 on blues. Dale said they also had another up as a window shopper that didn’t bite.

The Gold Coast little blacks are also firing with Capt. Ross McCubbin reporting 4 from 6 blacks Thursday and 4 from 5 with the early mark yesterday. Before that he was heavy tackle going 1 from 4 with a striped marlin for marlin virgin Adrian as well as some nice dolphin fish!

And Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Hot Shot also did good on the blacks yesterday going 8-6-4. Photos from Tara on deck at top and below.


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