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Exmouth grander blue marlin


Words from Eddy with photos taken on board by Hayley Dellar. All the media coordinated by the incredibly talented Jeni Gates. This is a great fish for Exmouth – congrats again to all involved.  (And read on below for some great Bermi fishing). Yesterday’s blog report also has the initial details and more great fishing!

Some of the media:

Eddy’s words:

GRANDER BLUE MARLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(new years day 2018) 2-2-1 Blue Marlin

There is always one thing not matter what your passion that drives you to push and push and push, and well for us its the search for Australia’s first Giant Blue Marlin weighing over 1000lb. New years day 2018 was where our paths crossed again, this time in glamour conditions and with one of those fish that sends shivers down your spine as soon as you see it.

So here it goes.

On board for this day was our angler Clay Hilbert, Leigh Freestone and Hayley Dellar. Clay was up first with a hot fish coming in for a sick switch on a smaller model blue marlin unfortunately not eating the bait right and jumping off. Now here’s were it all starts, the call was made that a real nice mark showed at 55m on the Simrad Yachting sounder, everyone poised and ready and then the star off the season made her entrance showing her true size, trucking in on the Bonze Lures Violater as if she was picking her line of attack and boy did she get angry quick with some insane crash bite on the teasers, before she lined up the pitch and absolutely smoking the skipjack tuna. This giving Clay the hook up on stand up 60 kg (130 lb test) as she left big holes off water as she greyhound across the surface before she settled in and made her way S/W. After 40 minutes our Crewman Wes Jones had leader in hand and after couple jumps, she wasn’t done yet smoking off back deep. clay gave all his ticker fishing some extremely heavy drag for the next 3 hrs before once again leader was in hand and the fish was done!

Later on back at the club half of exmouth patiently weighted to sea what the sea creature would drop the scales too and when the winch finally got it up, it was confirmed Australia’s first legally caught 1000lb Blue Marlin.

The fish came in at 1089lbs and is a new pending All Tackle national record.

Words cannot describe how stoked we are here at Peak Sportfishing after the effort we have put in for our shot at one of these Critters. But we would really like to thank a lot of people who made dealing with this fish a whole lot easier including Matt Gates & Jeni Gates from Bluewater Tackle World Exmouth for helping out so much. including the organisation of transport of the fish back to town and prepping the club for the weigh in!

Thanks again to all others who helped out with the fish!

Click to open images:

Bermagui fires early

Catch up report I wanted to share that should have made it into yesterday’s great start to 2018 post.

Tyrone O’Connor has fished the last two days off Bermi on Manu Kai with Klynton Krause the owner on Day 1 (1st Jan) and Brett O’Donnell(Crusty) skippering on Day 2.

Fishing at Bermagui straight out the front on New Year’s Day they found good bait stacking up and went 7-6-6 stripes for the day. Tyrone says they caught 3 fish on the switch and 3 on bait balls. There was a little current trickling to the south.

The next day they raised another 5 on teasers and got one to bite. It was a different day with only a few fish caught by other boats.

These are great numbers for the first week of January so here is hoping it is going to be a bumper season!

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