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Weekend recap, Newport, Gamex begins, Bluewater 130


On the Gold Coast, Capt. Glanville Heydenrych’s Mufasa recorded 4 from 5 black marlin on Saturday.  On the Central Coast NSW, Team Samaki on Assalt Weapon went 9-5-3 being two blues and a stripe.  Photo taken of Luke Bell’s blue by Dean Caletti nearby above!

Newport Inaugural Tag & Brag Marlin Extravaganza

Congrats to Sunny Coast GFC’s Chaos who took home a swag of prizes at the Newport GFC’s Inaugural Tag & Brag Marlin Extravaganza on the weekend including Champion HT Angler Male & Female, Boat 8m+ and overall.  22 boats and 98 anglers competed.

Thanks to David Trask for the official report:

Newport Game Fish Club (Australia’s newest game fish club) ran its inaugural Brisbane Marine Tag & Brag Marlin Extravaganza on the weekend. The weather was a bit ordinary on the back of a cyclone that appeared and disappeared just as quickly and also ultimately hindered entrants for the tournament. But none-the-less the new club still managed to field 22 boats on the hunt for cash prizes that were on offer.

Over the course of 2 days there was a total of 56 fish recorded with blacks, blues, stripes and sails all hitting the score board in multiple numbers. Stats were: 152 strikes, 82 hook ups, 56 captures. Light tackle: 3 blacks and 2 sails. Heavy tackle 23 blacks, 5 blue , 3 stripe and 1 sail.

Probably the highlight of the fishing weekend was hearing the boat Incognito over the radio on a quadruple sailfish hookup, nothing out of the ordinary for a tournament except for the fact it was Bevan and his 8 year old son were the only crew on board! Despite the fact they were 2-up they managed to tag the first 2 fish with Tyler Barnes tagging his first sailfish (first) and then driving the boat videoing and tagging his father’s fish as well.

Way to go and certainly a deserving win with Tyler ending up champion Junior for the weekend.

The Newport format proved exciting for all involved as it was mandatory for all tagged fish to be videoed for the tag and the release so the club now has a wealth of video that it will release in edited video as promotions for its next event.

Final Results:

Champion boat 8 metres and under – R U WET YET
Champion boat over 8 metres – Chaos
First billfish day 1 – Tango / Lloyd Armasin
Last billfish tagged day 1 – R U Wet yet / Stephen Murphy
First billfish tagged day 2 – Chaos / Tim Graham
Last billfish tagged day 2 – tango / Zac Lambert
Champion team / boat overall – Chaos
Light tackle champion male angler – Bevan Barnes / 1 sail fish – Incognito
Heavy tackle champion make angler – Tim graham / 3 black marlin – Chaos
Light tackle champion female angler – Emily scores / 1 black marlin
Heavy tackle champion female anger – Dee cox / Chaos / 2 black marlin
Champion junior – Tyler Barnes / Ingocnito / 1 sail fish

Gamex begins!

Report from the club: Gamex in Exmouth has begun with Day 1 fishing just as spectacular as expected. Day 1 stats were 150 marlin raised, 112 hooked with 59 tagged as well as 12 sailfish raised, 11 hooked and 9 tagged making a total of 68 billfish tags for the day. Other notables from Day 1 was junior Jesse Sutton capturing 2 pending record fish. Good luck for all for Day 2!


BlueWater Boats & Sportsfishing Issue 130

On sale from: 22nd March 2018
You’ll be amazed by the diet of big ocean gamefish! Of course, knowing their favoured prey will help you catch far more of them, so Dr Julian Pepperell reveals all in this issue. Boat designer Wayne Osborne also details the revolution promising to make fishing boats cheaper to run as well as far more functional. See the marathon battle of a lightweight lady against a marlin so big it almost tore her out of the boat. In this issue you also get a detailed user guide to deep-water echo sounders, an insider’s guide to an exceptional new game fishing reel, plus better ways to catch big blue marlin from trailerboats, and lots more.

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