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Hot at Port & PNG


Hot fishing over the Easter long weekend at Port Stephens for Scott Lee’s Gunrunner.  Scott said they fished from the north down to the Carp Park on Saturday not seeing a fish until 2pm when it all changed finishing the day an impressive 9 from 10 and catching the last one as the sun went down (photo above).

Tash caught 8 of the 9 (well done Tash!!) with Andrew Homann catching the other out of a double header. Scotty said they tried to find number 10 but the chance disappeared in the twilight with the bait!

6 stripes and 3 blacks!

PNG National Titles

Outstanding fishing with many saying the best PNG has produced in years!

Saturday saw another 41 strikes, 23 tags as well as two 2 captures. While I don’t have the stats for the final day (yet) over the week a total of 344 billfish hookups were reported, with 167 tagged and 27 weighed! Overall 43 boats with 325 anglers fished the 9 day tournament.

Saltaire’s Capt. Damian Collette told me number of tags late week dwindled due to most boats switching to target the 6 & 8kg categories with medium and heavy tackles almost sewn up!  Stats over the comp being:

Sat 24th – 33 hook ups, 16 tagged, 2 weighed.
Sun 25th – 29 hook ups, 16 tagged, 1 weighed.
Mon 26th – 46 hook ups, 22 tagged, 3 weighed.
Tue 27th – 54 hook ups, 25 tagged, 2 weighed.
Wed 28th – 37 hook ups, 16 tagged, 8 weighed.
Thur 29th – 35 hook ups, 11 tagged, 1 weighed (Pending Women’s National Record on 10kg) Tags included 1 striped marlin tagged.
Fri 3oth – 33 hook ups, 12 tagged, 3 weighed.

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