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Weekly Sked April 9


While overall the big reports have been remiss this week, still plenty of fish caught including some noteworthy captures!

  • After 2 years if trying, Michael Umback successfully released his first solo blue marlin on fly off the Gold Coast yesterday.  Michael recording a spectacular 1-1-1  after teasing and switching and a spectacular bite that took him 1.5hrs to bring to the boat!
  • Peak Sport Fishing’s Capt. Eddy Lawler put fly angler Jeremy Block onto a pending 16lb tippet World Record black marlin at 96.15 kg. Jeremy has been all over social media of late with another fantastic achievement being the first recorded Royal Marlin Slam on fly in the one year.
  • Fishing off Woolongong Mark “Chopper” Reid went 6-5-3 on black marlin in his boat Hells Bells on Saturday and got some great shots above and below.
  • Haven Charters Terrigal/ Freedom’s Capt. Scotty Thorrington notched up his 136th marlin of the season this week off Port while Capt. Tim Dean’s Calypso released a 500lb blue on 30lb yesterday.
  • Fishing out of Lake Mac Bev and Mick Kennedy’s Head Hunter went 3-2-1 striped marlin yesterday at 70.5kg on 10kg.  Nearby Luke Stansfield’s Fifi went 2-2-2 and Paul Hogg’s Happy Hour went 2-2-1.
  • Things have changed on the Sunshine Coast with Pole Dancer’s David McMaster reporting green water and 1 degree cooler.  Dave reports 2 tags on Sunday but zeros today Monday for him and other boats on the Sunshine Coast.  Pole Dancer is on 99 marlin for the season so Dave is hoping for a late run!
  • Also fishing the Car Park at Port Stephens, Adam Polly sent me the great shots below from fishing on board Mistress last Thursday.  Adam said they went 3 from 4 with water quality and temp varying considerably over short distances. Once you found the good water you found the fish though. Great shots from Ben Doolan too!

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