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Weekly Sked 17 April


Updated 19 April: Daniel Barker’s Raising Havoc is the latest to have great success on the blacks (and sail) off the Sunny Coast going 8 from 8 with one of them being a sail.  Daniel said is was great fun but definitely a morning bite with not much happening in the afternoon and that the bait was stacked with slimies!

April 17: Amazing day on the water yesterday for gun small fry angler Ben Massurit who will be regretting his return to school today! Fishing on ATHRILL with Dad Tim, Ben went 9-7-7 as the solo angler tagging 4 blacks (including 2 larger fish 40/50kg and 2 25kg fish) as well as 3 sailfish. Tim reports that the weather was perfect and that the only downer for the day was ruining the new boat’s vermin free record with a mac tuna! Haha!

Great to see the fish are still holding off the Sunshine Coast! (Photo at bottom)

And report from Hunter Beirne from Sea Hawk at Lae (photo) on Friday 13th who caught three sails. Good to see they are still catching good fish up there after the titles!

Photo at top!

More to come!

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