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NQ light tackle, HT, WA sails


North Queensland: Heavy tackle has begun with Cairns local Tom Hinrichs getting their first black marlin at Linden Bank on Friday (smaller fish) on board Platinum.

Meanwhile there are light tackle fish still being caught with Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA kicking off their light tackle season post-refit on Friday with two little blacks.  Jason on Marlin Brando was also out Friday morning for a couple of hours and jumped off a small black out behind Green Island. And Ribbons’ Sharon Leptig released a birthday black marlin yesterday on Capt. Mark Parkinson’s Black Label on the way back from baiting fishing on the reef.

The Innisfail Game Fishing Club Billfish Tournament starts later this week with fishing on the three days 6-8th September.

Western Australia:  Scott Macgowan has done it again on The Wench with 15 sails released yesterday off Dampier.

Meanwhile more sailfish off Weipa (catch up report from the previous week) in the leadup to their comp September 28-October 2.  Ben “Notso” Bright tells me that they were in great numbers when he was with Darren when fly fishing for the day (Thursday), tagging 4 on fly, another on a pitch and missing a further 5 (at least) bites on fly. Last weekend it was great see many non club boats out there, Get N Any went a loooong way south to find good numbers, tagging 8 in 2 days, while most other boats in closer saw no bait at all but still tagging up to 4 per day while others fishing nearby not seeing a fish. Some effort by a couple boats during the week for zeros. It’s a fishery that keeps you guessing, however Ben says the weather has been consistently awesome!

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