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Hayman fires, Cairn light tackle



Hayman Island in the Whitsundays is currently experiencing some of the best billfishing in years. Once known as a sailfish hotspot, it is the sails that are again providing crews the most action.

Ahley Warland tells me that Dean Shipway and Steve Henley on Ven-a-Kia fished Hayman wide on Sunday going 8 from too many to count 6 sails and 2 blacks.

They had a 5 way hookup to start with and lost them with fish crossing over each other. They had multiple hooks in a 4 hour hot bite including more sails at the back of the boat while fighting a 70 kg black. They called another boat over which caught 3 as well.

Tuesday Ben Doolin went 5 from 8 .

There has been pods with up to 20 fish at times seen!  Ashley said many boats are planning to hit the water again this weekend so looking forward to hearing how they go. There are plenty of trigger fish around which are keeping the fish in the area.


While the FNQ light tackle season has been both hot and not, there are still a few blacks being caught on the light tackle grounds and glamour weather over the past few days with it.  Fishing a corporate group in a internal mini comp the teams on Askari, Bounty Hunter, Calypso, Kalira, KEKOA, Levante and Moana are fishing a few blacks each. Meanwhile Jason Legg’s Topwater Sportfishing also went 2-1-1 yesterday as well.

Innisfail tournament kicks off today as well so stay tuned!

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