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Big fish hit the reef


Cairns hotting up

While the weather has been less than desirable, the fishing is definitely ramping up. Yesterday was the first time I heard that most boats caught fish. While the internet/service issues continue on the reef and its hard to get messages through I did hear from Capt. Darren “Biggles” Haydon on the new 47 O’Brien Adventum who had a big fish day yesterday going 2 from 5 including this one that he put at 900lbs at Linden Bank!  That follows up from 1 from 3 on smaller fish the day before. More to come.

Montebello Islands, WA

The team on board Capt. Chad Mills’ Blue Lightening enjoyed another big Sunday with another 21 sailfish releases off the Montebellos. Leah reports that while it was a bit slow to begin with a few fish here and there at 4pm it was like someone flicked the switch it was absolute chaos had a 7 way hook up at one stage (photo below) with anglers maneuvering around the back deck like well oiled machine. They were still catching fish right up to sunset . At one point they were catching wahoo and sailfish all the same time absolute chaos.  This takes the total to 190 for 12 days dedicated billfishing!

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