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Fraser Firing


On board Rodney Flood’s new 47 Riviera SEADUCTION with Shane Steer on the sticks, Ben Steer reports some red hot fishing off Fraser Island yesterday.

After picking the boat up from Townsville and on the way back to Scarborough they traveled straight to the Bunker Group and had some good reef fishing for a couple of days before fishing home on Friday.

Starting east of Sandy Cape and straight lining it for home fishing heavy down the island they found the fish all the way down to south of Waddy Pt before pulling in the gear in at 4pm. Finishing the day 7 from 8, all blues ranging from 200 to a generous 450lb!

Ben said at one stage they had fish after fish up, not even able to get a spread out before hooking up again, and even had blues swimming around the boat while fighting fish. All the fish were on 24kg stand up.

Not a bad way to break in the new boat. I’ll say!!

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