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Cairns catchup and MGFC Billfish Bash


Following up from a big numbers day the day before, Capt. Brett Goetze’s Amokura followed up with a big fish day with a fish that Brett put at 950lbs before starting their journey south.

Capt. Tim Dean’s Calypso is back out after changeover on his last trip. Tim recapped his 10 days down the reef from Lizard Island with mothership Pheonix One. Tim says its the best by far for years the service and effort by all the crews and they have done lots of diving and fishing on the GBR both night and day.  They also caught an average 2 marlin per day ranging from 100 to 900 lbs.  They also fought one into the night at Escape Reef for 3 hours before unfortunately breaking it off!

Pic of Calypso in action from earlier in the season.

Mooloolaba Billfish Bash

Jamie Behrens reports from on the water and says that 14 boats fished pretty sloppy conditions yesterday. Only 3 billfish were tagged for the day with a handfull of line class yellowfin tun and mahi mahi as well. Good luck to all fishing today!


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Richard C. Obach
November 29, 2018 at 1:52 pm

Great job, Kelly Dalling Fallon. So very nice to see the waters of the GBR again and the especially grand photos of huge marlin. Pleased that the Cairns marlin saga has endured for half a century. Thank you. Richard Obach

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