Grander Coast

Updated: Too Easy’s fish weighed in at 1431lbs. Second largest weighed in Australia. A mammoth effort congratulations to Russel, Robbie and the team!

Cairns has yet to see it’s last hurrah of the 2018 season with big fish still being caught. Capt. Tom Francis’ Ultimate Lady had a cracker day yesterday with three big blacks and a blue.

Tom says  its their last trip for the season and they fished first day on The Bank for 1-1 and fish up around 800 for the boss.

Yesterday was an early start and they went wide and releasing small blue by 730am. They missed another not long after. And then by 10:30 they had already released two fish around 900, and hooked the third at 11am, which took them 5 nm south and two hours to release. 950 for Yoshi from Japan who did an incredible job in the heat! They pulled the hooks on another two big fish in the afternoon.

What a day.

Speaking of big fish, Capt. Russell Guage’s Too Easy is in its way to the Gold Coast to weigh a big black marlin caught off Lady Musgrave Island yesterday for owner/angler Robbie Crane. If the measurements are correct, this could be the biggest black marlin ever weighed in Australia. Stay tuned!

Queensland coast on fire!

Photo of Ultimate Lady from previous seasons.