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Summer of the Gold Coast


Updated 4th Jan: Report from Capt. Brad Dobinson on Special K who fished South from Mooloolaba to the Gold Coast Wednesday and went 1 from 5 marlin bites on the shelf with the one they got being a big black marlin Brad estimated at 800 pounds to 10 year old Lucy Dobinson on 30lb tackle. Brad says that Lucy was great in the chair and the fish put on a great show boatside on the wire for them all to get a great look (but no photos – it was a little hectic!)

Previously: The Gold Coast summer of fishing fun has kicked into gear in the last few days with Capt. Ross McCubbin’s Lucky Strike among the boats getting amongst the fish with an enviable 6 from 6 over the past three days fishing. Starting Friday with a monster stripey he estimated at 130kgs Ross with Leigh Holtsbaum on deck followed up Saturday with 3 from 3 black marlin including a 70 kg model (and 2 from 3 dollies as awesome bycatch!)

Yesterday again top marks on the conversions switching another 2 from 2 blacks.

Leigh said that they have been some of the best switches they have seen with the fish following the teasers all the way to the boat and eating the live baits 2-3m behind the boat.

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