2019 Bateman’s Bay Suzuki Marine Tollgate Islands Classic

175 anglers on 45 boats competed over three days of fishing with Richie Abela’s Dream Catcher taking the Champion Boat trophy after a nervous wait on the final day not being able to add another to the Day 2 tally.

[Photo at top – awesome action shot by Matthew Walton on Craig Murphy’s Dad’s Boat.]

Overall, 38 striped marlin, 12 black marlin, 8 makos, 12 dollies and 2 striped tuna were caught.

Capture Prize Winners
Heaviest Marlin – Witch Craft (124kg)
Heaviest Game Fish Senior Male – Terry Harvey
Heaviest Game Fish Small Fry – Jai Britton

T&R Prize Winners
Champion Boat – Dream Catcher II
Second Most Marlin – Square Metres
Most Shark – Relentless Pursuit 
Combined Point Score OGF – Panlicker
Champion Senior Male – Tim Brown
Champion Senior Female – Zoe O’Connor
Champion Junior-Jed Forrest, Amanda Lamond
Champion Small Fry – Lachlan Cairns
Most Marlin Trailer Boat – Opportunatee