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Bluewater Issue 136


BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing

  • Issue 136

Digital now / Newsagents from 14th February

World’s largest marlin in 45 years!

BlueWater issue 136 gives you the real story behind the 650kg (1433-pound) black marlin caught near Australia’s Fraser Island – exactly where and how it all went down, and why more are expected. Dr Pepperell also reveals the importance of this stunning capture: the likely missing link to a new marlin spawning aggregation.

You’ll also discover the world’s best hotspots for giant trevally, how to get more of your tagged tuna recaptured, and how climate change is affecting what species of gamefish you’ll find, and where and when you’ll catch them. Plus you get an in-depth boat review and a whole lot more…

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Richard Obach
February 7, 2019 at 12:22 pm

I have said it once but will say it twice…. and maybe more in the future, Kelly Dalling Fallon you have done such a commendable job with information and photos on this Black Marlin Blog. Looking forward to the BlueWater article on the 1433 pound Beast of Fraser Island. Thanks. Richard Obach

Kelly Dalling Fallon
February 7, 2019 at 4:51 pm

Thank you so much Richard for reading and your kind words. Very honoured to have you as part of my readership! Best, Kelly

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