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Sunshine Coat Bite


A good day on the water Sunday for Sunshine Coast GFC Club boats with a few fish around as well as glamour conditions!

Reel Capture, Shearwater, Old Yella ended the day with 3 tags a peice. While Tight Lines (5-4-2) and Pitch Black, Outa Line got 2 each. Preposterous and Black Attack (3-2-1) with 1 each.

Neville tells me that Shearwater were unlucky not to add a few more. They were 6-6-3 black marlin with 2 to Damian Parker and 1 to Stu Dows and acouple of unlucky bust offs, including one fish going under another boat in the tight pack, and another doing a somersault and landing back on the line.

The 40 Black Watch Pitch Black was christened with its first couple of fish (2) withe Brent reporting they also fought another fatty for 1 1/2 hours and released it without tagging.

Thanks to David Granville on Reel Capture for the top picture as well as Lachlan Tuckwell on Old Yella for the gallery below. Awesome shots!

The Gold Coast GFC’s Ladies and Juniors Day on Saturday was also a successful and fun day on the water with 14 crews competing and 5 marlin tagged for the day!



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