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From Fraser


Updated for Friday: Some more good fishing! Grant Thomson’s Cjig converted 2 blues and a stripe. While Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA released two blues including one around the 500lb mark.

Matthew Collinge sent me a few pics from the last trip on Reel Crazy at Fraser Island at top. There has been plenty of fish around the last few days as well although converting has been a different matter.

On KEKOA with Capt. Luke Fallon, Andrew Kidwell is visiting from the USA with the aim to catch a black marlin to complete his Royal Billfish Slam (all 9 species of billfish). Luckily we were able to get the black for him almost straight away on the first day Wednesday on the light tackle, after which heading wide for blues we were able to add a blue for son Drew and a stripe for daughter Camille to make a Grand Slam for the day.  We also raised 4 more blues that didn’t convert making the stats 7-4-3 for the day.

Yesterday (Thursday) we fished light tackle for the blacks going 3 from 4 switchbaiting and raising a few more that didn’t switch.

David McMaster’s Pole Dancer added another blue Wednesday 1 from 1 before a quick changeover and was back out again yesterday adding another after raising an incredible 9 blues! (As TP says they ‘finished a very respectable 1 from 9 blues yesterday😂)

And Adam Argus tells me he fished Musgrave Island last Friday on Broadbill from Gladstone for a 300lb black marlin. Adam says it seems like there are a few light tackle fish showing up around Gladstone too so it might be a good light tackle season for them.


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