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Great Barrier Reef alive and glorious!


We are being pounded almost daily by reports that the reef is dead, in dire condition. But yet those who have lived and worked on the reef over many many years will tell you otherwise! They will tell you that the reef is in great shape and as beautiful as ever, and well recovered from the coral bleaching event of 2016.

What can we do to show that the reef is not dead? What can we do to counter the ongoing and negative publicity that is damaging hundreds and thousands of tourism based business like many of ours?

The fact is that there is a lot of research money in saving the reef, and ergo in pulicising that it needs saving. So we have an uphill battle.  While I’m not in any way saying that there is not a lot to be done to minimise human impact on the environment and the reef included every single day. But the reef is hardier than many think and certainly than the media portrays. And spreading the word that it’s dead is doing a lot of harm to businesses ours included.

Hashtag for the Great Barrier Reef

So we’ve banded together and are calling on our friends and colleagues and readers living in or visiting the Great Barrier Reef to use the #reefalive hashtag when sharing photos and images on their social channels showing the Great Barrier Reef alive and well, in all its glory!

Please spread it around.

Still and always one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

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Resource: Interested in reading more about the science that is in question and how much money there really is, follow Dr. Peter Ridd on Facebook.

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