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Epic SEQ blues


Boats fishing from the Gold Coast through to the Sunshine Coast are enjoying a big blue marlin bite at present with some crews achieving big number days not seen ex-Brisbane for a while.  Yesterday Rodney Flood’s 47 Riviera Seaduction was top scorer going an amazing 7 from 11 blues with Rodney on the wheel, Jordan Flood, Dylan Flood, Ben Campbell an, Josh Brazier and Riley Burton who got his first blue. Ben said that they had a crazy good day and even among the many boats fishing they had the patch of fish!

The day before it was Sunshine Coast’s Kaspar Lenigis (Ocean Instinct) in his trailer boat that blitzed the fleet with 4 blues and two stripes.  David McMaster’s Pole Dancer also had a top day Wednesday with 4 blues all switchbaiting! A video on one of the switches below :-)

And Brent Higgins Sicario also released 4 yesterday. Top fishing!

Other boats have all been on the action with varying results on the conversions. Wednesday’s fishing as reported by Rob Smith, Sunshine Coast GFCs Club Captain included fish for the club fleet including fish for Outta Line, Preposterous, Capricorn, Ymer and Profiler.

Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA had the action packed few days having travelled down from Fraser Island for the bite if not the conversions with five blues in the three days of fishing including some nicer models in the 4-500lb range. On Wednesday they were pack attacked by 6 blues and caught one off the double that switched.

Likewise Capt Ross McCubbin’s Lucky Strike was feeling the pain of blue marlin fishing yesterday going 1 from 5 bites plus a 50lb wahoo and snapped the hook on a real nice fish! That followed up from a great day Tuesday with 5-4-2 for his solo angler Tim scoring his first and second ever blues! Here’s a cool vid of Thursday’s blue jumping beside the boat!

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