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Cairns Bluewater Tournament Results


Results: Telstra Business Centre Cairns Bluewater Billfish COVID Crisis Tournament

14 Boats with 11 in the Over 7.5m category and 3 in the Under 7.5M category fished the two days for a total of 41 anglers (32 male, 8 female & 1 junior).
There were 61 billfish tagged, all of which were black marlin.
Final Results:
Heaviest Game Fish Day One – Claudia Georgouras 10kg mackerel – Illusion
Heaviest Game Fish Day Two – Jake Pagano 8.5kg mackerel – Flying Fisher
First Bill Fish Tagged Day One – Ben Monck on Black Ops
Last Bill Fish Tagged Day One – Trent Killmore on Ofishal
First Bill Fish Tagged Day Two – Drew Dibden on Flying Fisher
Last Billfish Tagged Day Two – Lily Sims on Bounty Hunter
Champion Team Under 7.5M – Ofishal on 10 tagged Billfish
Champion Boat Over 7.5M – Saltaire on 14 tagged Billfish
Champion Male Angler – Ethan Moses on 6 tagged Billfish – Saltaire
Champion Female Angler – Gina Cleaver on 7 tagged BillfIsh – Ofishal
Champion Junior Angler – Lily Sims on 6 tagged Billfish – Bounty Hunter
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