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Larva Lure - Change it, lock it, catch it

Upcoming Tournaments There are three big tournaments coming up in the next week and with good fishing in the leadup, we’ll be watching closely to hear how they go. Are you fishing? Port Macquarie GFC‘s Golden Lure starts this weekend and after the Central Coast tourney’s great fishing last week should be a blast. The […]

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Fishlife Mag

There’s lots of summer fishing going on and I hope you have the chance to get out there and enjoy it. This will be my last blog update until after Christmas (Merry Christmas!) Firstly another report from Mana fishing the shelf off Point Lookout on Monday releasing a nice healthy blue for John Wilshere (photo), […]

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Exmouth firing – WA Marlin Exmouth’s Heavy Tackle Tournament was held last week in less than ideal conditions (having already been postponed once due to weather!) As for the fishing, Eddy Lawler’s Peak Sportfishing once again showed off the fishery to its very best fishing both during the tournament and the days either side, and […]

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As Blue Lightning’s Montebello season draws to a close, some more good fishing as the boat made its way south to Exmouth. The boys spent much of their time diving (crays!) and marlin fishing which paid off with a juvenile black marlin for Scotty, a blue marlin each for Jay and Justin, a striped marlin […]

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