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Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Day 4


Well there weren’t any nice things being said about the weather at the start of Day 4, and when the rain came through, muted curses got louder.  Still, heads up to the captains who tolerated it in the tower all day!  Our esteemed Tournament Director Bob Lowe also tried to put the mocker on the fleet when he predicted a hot bite because the weather was so lousy.  Thankfully I think it wasn’t such a bad day despite only another 8 fish being tagged with a number more raised and lost due to rubber hook syndrome.

Top Shot tagged their second fish for the day just before cease fishing which gives them the daily award.  Reelistic, who had tagged their second just moments after Top Shot were unlucky to lose a third just on cease fishing.  On KEKOA we added another to our tally to brings us up to five as well. Angler Brian was unlucky (or perhaps lucky?) to hook up to the smaller fish after the scaley was nailed by a fish in the 900lb range and came tight but then loose again as the big girl dropped it and tight again as the young male snatched it up!

First boat off the blocks on Day 4 was Kalira adding their first fish of the tournament shortly followed by Mistress for their third and On Site for their second.  Again, all fish were tagged at Number 10 Ribbon Reef.

Outside the tournament, Tradition also added another fish at Number 4 Ribbon on the first day of a new trip for regular angler Greg.

Current standings:

Viking II leads on countback from KEKOA and Top Shot all on five tags.  Mistress is next with three tags.  On two tags a piece are Calypso, Jag, Little Audrey, Iona, On Site and Reelistic. On one tag each are Ikey Moe, Castille III, Game Over, Maitai, Hattitude, In The Black, Rat Bag, Hard to Swallow, Iona II and Kalira. That’s 20 boats on the board now.

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