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Great start to the weekend


George’s biggest marlin to date at 750lbs on KEKOA

More big fish on the reef.  Barry Alty, owner of 49 foot custom built Mistress is back on the reef again after spending some time home on the Gold Coast after the Lizard Island tournament, during which they released a 900lb-er for Barry’s team-mate Jeff.  This time, it was Barry in the chair for the big fish releasing one yesterday that they put at ‘every bit of 1100lb’ at Number 3 Ribbon Reef.  Barry has been unwell and so its real nice to see him back here and catching big fish. As he says (with tongue firmly in cheek I’m sure) “In my weakened state I couldn’t put more than 65lbs of drag on it and it took  too long, maybe 15 minutes. I didn’t get up a sweat but I am a bit stuffed!”  Congratulations Barry and team!

Likewise Capt. Brett Thomas on Gorilla reports another TOP day.  They trolled lures from Escape Reef north along the Ribbons for 5 bites. They finished at Number 8 Ribbon with 3 at 950, 550 and 400lb!  Mark Macmillan was the angler for the big fish.

At Linden Bank, on KEKOA we went one from three, releasing a 750lb-er for angler George and pulled the hooks on another about 500lbs close to the boat.  George has been marlin fishing for five years, all over the world and that’s his biggest yet.  Nearby, Iona 2 released another at 400lbs, Shaka released one from three at 150lbs, and also along the ridge, Capt. Daniel Carlson on Little Audrey released one from three as well at 500lb for American angler Herbert.

The weatherman was wrong again yesterday but pleasantly it was in our favour with the wind quite a bit better than the 20-25 forecast.

Rod Thomas has uploaded this clip from Amokura‘s big fish last week – quite an enjoyable watch – I love the fact that the fish decided to jump for the camera after she had been cracked off :-)

BIG FISH ACTION from Rod Thomas on Vimeo.


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