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PB’s on the GBR


George set his PB with a 750lb black marlin at Linden Bank Friday, Saturday he raised the bar with a 900lb-er

Many more big fish on the reef Saturday despite dirty water moving in over much of Linden Bank.  Capt. Luke Fallon on KEKOA made the decision to head wide looking for cleaner water and was rewarded straight off the bat with a 900lb-er for George at 10:30am.  The fish was lit up neon blue for most of the fight and I got some awesome photos once again (look out for the January issue of BlueWater) and also had a smaller male swimming with her too.  That was it for us for the day as we headed in again last night for changeover.

Amokura on their first day of a new trip went straight to the big fish with two at 600 and 900lbs that Capt. Chris Jolly tells me were both caught on the same mackerel!  17 year old Mitchell Hogg was the angler for the big girl and Dave Ashman for the 600lb-er.  Congratulations guys!

Mr. Consistency in 2010, Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition added another three fish yesterday – though not of great size, a lot of fun. Tim says they raised 7 and had 6 on altogether.  Another one who’s having a great run of late, Capt. Dan McCarthy on Moana made the trip south to Linden Bank and heads in for changeover today. Dan reports they caught a small fish before leaving Number 3 Ribbon Reef Friday and trolled lures down the outside to the Bank yesterday for a few bites.  Little Audreywith Capt. Daniel Carlson had the frustration that many of us are familiar with yesterday as small fish after small fish tried to eat the big bait (eyes are bigger than their stomachs…certainly their mouths!)  Dan reports the one from five at 200lb for his father Bruce.  All small fish with just the one big one coming into the pattern.  And Capt. Ashley Wallis on Kalira released another two at Euston Light


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