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6 of the best


A quick report this morning as there is still much to do to prepare for our next trip out. I may add more as any reports come in.

Expatriate Kiwi deckie Dean Nichols, who you may remember spent some time with us on KEKOA while Dingo was still in transit, is this week on deck on board Ralph Cybayski’s 56 foot Viking Sparticus with Capt. James “Jimbo” Bladin. We heard from Dean while they were still fishing their way down the Ridge after a day at Linden Bank – 150, 400, 750, 900, 950lbs! Not long after they added their sixth at 600lbs and were trying for number 7~! What another awesome day and enough to make the boys sitting on the dock cry not to be out there.

I also heard from Peter Teakle and partner Nina Mattingly who are still enjoying the island hospitality up at Lizard on board Peter’s 70 foot Riviera Born to Battle. Nina tells me that the island boat has been catching fish daily and released another fish that Capt. Craig “Brutus” Newbold and legend deckie Billy Fairbairn put at 1100lbs for in-house guest Susie who has visited the island for many years but perhaps just released her first 1000lb fish!

Catch up report from Capt. Brett Thomas on Gorilla who reports 6 bites on Saturday for two at 950 and 800lb, the bigger one to Brad ‘Budgie’ O’Connor the smaller to Mark ‘Chucky’ MacMillan and 3 bites for 0 on Sunday and 1 bite for an 850 yesterday for Chucky.

I also heard some more blue marlin reports this time from Andrew Earle (thanks Andrew!) fishing on board SCGFC boat Bangalee off Cape Moreton who went 4 from 5 blues on Sunday including two at 500 and 600lb. Andrew reports the water colour is excellent and a lot of mid-water bait. Great stuff!

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