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Port MacQuarie Golden Lure Results


The Port Macquarie Game Fishing club were kind enough to send me a report from the recent tournament.

The Port Macquarie Game Fishing Club is delighted that member club boats and anglers performed so well in the competition with wins across most categories.

The point scoring was very close in both capture and T&R categories.  The winners were fortunate to come across several acres of bait (striped tuna) which were being preyed upon heavily by yellowfin tuna, sharks of all descriptions and mahi mahi in the last few hours of competition to push them across the line.

Weather: The competition was a success despite the fact that the Tammie Kirkby ladies and juniors day on Tuesday being abandoned due to the conditions on the bar as was Day 2 fishing of the Golden Lure.  The day set aside to make up fishing for the lost Sunday was also abandoned due to the condition of the bar.  Thursday and Friday saw the boats back in action so the competition overall ran for 3 days instead of four.

Notable Captures: The most notable captures were a blue marlin of 119 kg on day one by Phil Kenny.  A 20 kg yellowfin tuna on 5kg line by Junior Marlin Heaney is also an excellent achievement.  Roz Hutchison won both the Women’s Capture and T & R categories and her point score tally outscored the next nearest male by 1,000 points.  A very worthy winner!

Champion Small Fry Tag & Release: Zac Danby on Blackfin (Solitary Islands Game Fishing Club)
Champion Junior T&R: David Wilson Jnr on Rodbender (Port Macquarie Game Fishing club)
Champion Junior Capture: Marlin Heaney on Roughnuts (PMGFC)
Champion Adult Female T & R: Roz Hutchison on Purple Haze (PMGFC)
Champion Adult Female Capture: Roz Hutchison on Purple Haze (PMGFC)
Champion Adult Male T & R: Tony Zeimer on Devils Advocate (PMGFC)(Sponsors boat)
Champion Adult Male Capture: Phil Kenny on Renegade II (PMGFC)
Champion Boat T & R: Rodbender, Skipper Scott Baker (PMGFC)
Champion Boat Capture: Care Factor, Skipper Tom Dykes (PMGFC)

Thanks so much and congratulations on another well-run tournament!

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