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Stripes Season Taking Off


It seems like the Port Stephens striped marlin season is finally starting to take off with reports from Capt. Tim Dean who went 3 from 6 on Tuesday and 4 from 4 on Wednesday. I hear the carpark park is living up to its name with plenty of boats out on the water!

Many of us heard about Al McGlashan’s close encounter with a mako and striped marlin sandwich earlier in the week. Well, this morning its hit the mainstream media so you can check out the photos online. I’ve often wondered if I would ever work up the ‘guts’ to get in the water to take a picture of a marlin beside the boat. Now I know the answer to that is a resounding “No!”. Good on you Al for keeping the shutter clicking while it was unfolding.

Also, while we’re online, check out this marlin from a Yak (with a difference) story on Fishing World (striped marlin at Greenwell Pt, NSW South Coast).

And winners are grinners at the recent Sunshine Coast Classic. I’ve already reported the results but you can now read the full tournament report here.

And finally, Glen Booth sent me this shot of angler Andrew Madden with a 65kg yellowfin which took a Mackerel Mauler trolled for mackerel off Little Bay (SWR).

Nice fish for in so close!

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