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NSW Interclub Results


Another big weekend of fishing is over with the final two days of the NSW Interclub now over. Once again the Newcastle/Port Stephens GFC Team 2 has taken out the T&R side of the competition with Gunruuner having the best-of-day yesterday in the rough weather (that saw many of the smaller boats remain in port) to bring it home in the individual boat standings (congrats to the Lee family and the rest of the team!).  Update: Scott tells me they caught 6 on the final day – 2 stripes and 4 blacks to put them on 20 for the four days of the main tournament.  They also caught a grand slam on Saturday with 5 for the day!

On Saturday, Central Coast GFC club boat Topaz weighed a monster 587kg tiger shark to take out the Heaviest Shark award. Andy tells me that the big North-Easter that blew through really changed the conditions for the boats who toughed it out with poor water quality and 21 degrees. Many boats found the going tough except for Gunrunner who found their own pocket of fish away from the main pack to the south.  Saturday likewise, was not a great day on the water with some boats returning to port early and leaving the contenders to play it out.

The final results are:

Team Standings T&R

  1. Newcastle/Port Stephens T2 (Gunrunner, Diversion, The Force, Born Free and Anarchy)
  2. Broken Bay T2 (Shakara, Gorilla, Avanti, Black Pete and In A Meeting)
  3. Sydney T1 (Ungry, Ambition, Casey, Gale Force and Smart Bill)
  4. Port Hacking T1 (Outlaw, Paceemo, Triton, Just Chill, Viking II, Broadbill)
  5. Lake Macquarie T3 (Running Bear, Ningaloo, TJ Man, Amokura, Gametime

Team Standings Capture

  1. Botany Bay T1 (Razorback, Sniper, Scirocco, Pelagic and Dark Horse)
  2. Lake Macquarie T1 (Offshore, Glorianna, Cazador, Blue Blooded and Sabre)
  3. Newcastle/Port Stephens T1 (No Excuse, Turfed Out, Tenz, Critakill and Dawn Breaker)
  4. Sydney T2 (Tantrum, Blood N Guts, Blue Illusion, Mazra, Seafox)
  5. Broken Bay T1 (Dealne, Teds Toy, Rampage, Carnage, Facilitator)

Boats T&R

Gunnrunner from Diversion, Viking II, Shakara, Gale Force

Boats Capture

No Excuse, Blue Blooded, Scirocco, Dark Horse, Offshore

Congratulations to the Henderson family on board Everwilling with Capt. Daniel Carlson with Erin taking out the Champion Junior Award (T&R) and Ethan taking out the Small Fry (T&R) award.

More details to come as the play out of the final couple of days come in. And the Surfers Paradise All Tackle All Species Tournament was also held over the weekend and hopefully a wrap up report on that soon.


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April 3, 2012 at 7:15 am

Hi, you mention a boat “Rampage”, is that the boat owned by someone called Brad, Brett or Adam Page?

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