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Marlin Footage Tuesday


Anthony has sent me some footage from his little black marlin at Bowling Green on the weekend.  Filmed on the Sheleft HD Video sunglasses (though for stealth, I think its obvious he’s re-filmed from the TV to edit for youtube) it definitely shows just how lively these little guys are. Jumping all over and spending more time out of the water than in.

Two more clips you can watch are here and here. Anthony has kindly muted the clips to protect sensitive ears from the exciting language used ;-)

Also, here is the marlin video clip from Daniel on board Gale Force last week during their win at the Port Hacking 100. You can see just how rough it was and the water in the cockpit!

And while we’re doing videos, here’s a video that Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition shot of Askari with Capt. Corey Hard onto a real nice big black marlin during the Lizard Island Tournament last year that they fought right next to him.

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