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Building up


hellraiser black marlin

Yesterday continued a pretty good run on the reef that started on Friday with most boats fishing the southern end seeing several fish.  Capt. Darren “Biggles” Haydon and team on Calypso wound up their five day trip with three more in the 250 to 300lb range on the final day to finish up with 10 overall. Adding to their big day yesterday, that makes a fantastic start to the season!

Capt. Simon Carosi on Afishionado caught two in the afternoon at 300 and 400lbs. While nearby Capt. Brad Craft on Castille caught three.  Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham and the Cairns Sim Trans team started their season off with one around 200lbs from a double header.

Further to the north, Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition started his day off well with a fish straight away, but unfortunately did not see any more as he moved further north.  And Capt. Brett Alty on Mistress reported two from two at Number 5 Ribbon that he put at 250 and 350lb.

Photo from Capt. Steve Ahlers on Hellraiser from Friday which was 2 from 3 for Mike Dowling and Kim Watton. Great shot!

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