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Tourney Weekend and Fish at Port



A few tournaments were held over the weekend and hopefully the tournament reports from those events are not too far away. I did hear that Day 2 of the Broken Bay Invitational was cancelled due to bad weather, while similarly, Ulladulla‘s three days were reduced to one and a bit with the weather moving through on Saturday afternoon.

Back to Tanga 5 went ahead (results to come) and Gamex wrapped up with the presentation on the weekend topping off another great week in the west.

Overall Exmouth GFC report that 761 billfish were raised, 517 hooked and 246 tagged or captured. There were also 2 World, 4 Australian and 4 State record captures throughout the week.  In the Tag & Release section, the leading boat in the Under 7m category was Skulldraggin who tagged 12 from Ruffunuff with 8. In the Over 7m category, Sunride tagged 14, My Vice II tagged 11 and Pelagic Hooker tagged 9.  Read on past the jump for the full results.

Meanwhile at Port Stephens, patchy, but a few more fish making themselves known.

In close at the Gibber, the Cresta Afisionado had a great day Thursday with 4 from 6 on the little blacks. And then followed up on Friday with…. zeros!  Capt. Tim Dean’s Calypso also reported a mixed bag for the last few days. Tim said they went 1 from 5, 3 from 3 and then none from none!

Meanwhile, out on the Carpark, Andy tells me that Fritto 1 release their first (yes, first!) striped marlin of the season on Saturday ending the day with a 2-2-2 (both stripes).  Andy also reported a black and a stripe for Diversion, while Born Free had a go at another couple as well.

GAMEX at Exmouth

HPS gamefish other than billfish or shark weighed on:

1st Mark Hourn Off Me Chops Golden Trevally
2nd Jan Prince Aweome Golden Trevally
1st Damien Day Wet Dreams Golden Trevally
2nd Mark Hourn Off Me Chops Golden Trevally
1st Mick Grasso Wet Dreams Longtail Tuna
2nd Jan Prince Aweome Golden Trevally
1st Connie Taylor Asylum Seeker Narrowbar Mackeral
2nd Russ Jackson Seatrix Narrowbar Mackeral
1st Ben Pugh Seatrix Narrowbar Mackeral
2nd Matt Arscott Aweome Narrowbar Mackeral
1st Brendan Hourn Off Me Chops Giant Trevally
2nd Rita Lewin Hindsight Narrowbar Mackeral
1st Brendan Hourn Off Me Chops Giant Trevally
2nd Aaron Levy Lena Narrowbar Mackeral

HPS Billfish weighed on 1- 15kg

HPS Billfish weighed on 24 – 60kg
1st Mark McKay Blue Horizon Blue Marlin
2nd Steve Moore Grand Slam Blue Marlin

Champion Boat T & R Shark Tags
1st Loosen Up 25
2nd Muddy 15
3rd Wet Dreams 11

Champion Angler – Junior No of species
1st Hayden Michaels Weapon 1
2nd Trent Gregory Loaded Dice 1

Champion Angler – Female
1st Sharon James Jig a Jig 4
2nd Jan Prince Awesome 3
3rd Sahra Pitman Muddy

Champion Angler – Male
1st Kade Ross Pussee Galore 7
2nd Ryan Turner Razor Back 4
3rd Luke Leech Razor Back

Champion Angler T & R billfish – Junior
1st Hayden Michaels Weapon 1

Champion Angler T & R billfish – Adult No of tags
1st Derek Thompson Skulldraggin 7
2nd Robert Pomersbach Sunride 7
3rd Mick Callan Sunride 7

Champion team T & R billfish – boat 7m and under
1st Skulldraggin 12
2nd Ruffunuff 8

Champion team T & R billfish – boat over 7m
1st Sunride 14
2nd My Vice II 11
3rd Pelagic Hooker 9

Champion boat T & R Sailfish
1st Jig & Jig 6
2nd Salt Shaker 3
3rd Pelagic Hooker 3

Champion boat T & R Marlin
1st Skulldraggin 11
2nd Sunride 12
3rd My Vice II 10

Champion boat overall
1st Razorback
2nd Pussee Galore
3rd Wet dreams

George King Memorial Trophy
Sunride 14 tags

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