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Junior Marlin and PNG National Titles


Following up from the weekend, Mark sent me a note to let me know that juniors Ebony and Connor Brown, fishing on their dad’s trailer boat Rarely In tagged and released their first black marlin each – a great Easter present!  They were fishing out of Port Stephens in close to Seal Rocks on Sunday. Congratulations Ebony and Connor~!

And also, the answer to whether any little blacks were seen off Townsville over the weekend is…two. Townsville GFC reported two encounters, one off Myrmidon and the other off Lucinda (which was one from two). Could be another big year in the north as well!

PNG National Titles

PNGThe 38th PNG National Titles wound up over the weekend after 10 days of fishing.  In all over 200 billfish were hooked which resulted in 72 tags and 11 captures!

One of the notable fish, this 182kg Blue on 15kg line which will smash the national record once it is ratified for angler Kathy Howden on board Witchdoctor with husband Richard – after a 2.5 hour fight no less!

Gary Litz, on board their brand new 54 Hatteras Metzger, which only just completed their journey north to PNG for the titles, also scored a 12-1 capture of a 109kg blue marlin on 8kg line.

The prizes were handed out as follows:
Most Billfish Tagged/Captured: Kevin Bolton (Rocinante);

Most Species Tagged Tuhua Litz (Metzger);

Heaviest Marlin (NR pending) Kathy Howden 182kg Blue marlin on 15kg (Witchdoctor);

Heaviest Game Fish Cathy Litz 54kg Yellowfin tuna on 15kg (Jelocat);

Heaviest Shark 28.6kg on 6kg Degen Beschel (Loti);

HPS Fish Heavy Titus Ango (Tribal);

HPS Fish Medium Kathy Howden (Witchdoctor);

HPS Fish Light Gary Litz (Metzger);

HPS Fish Ultra Light Pascal Michon (Too Ezy). Well done, all.


HPS Team Heavy Rocinante;

HPS Team Medium Talio 3;

HPS Team Light Drug Runner 2;

HPS Team Ultra Light (Vacant);

HPS Team Junior Rocinante Juniors.

HPS Angler Heavy Kevin Bolton (Rocinante);

HPS Angler Medium Gareth Booij (Talio);

HPS Angler Light Daniel King (Drug Runner)

HPS Angler R/Up Heavy Berry Mini (Entourage);

HPS Angler R/Up Medium Aysha Franklin (Satisfaction)

Champion Boat (Tagging) Talio;

Champion Visiting Angler Wayne Baldwin (Tsunami);

Champion Male Angler Gareth Booij (Talio);

Champion Female Angler Aysha Franklin (Satisfaction);

Champion Junior Angler Celeste Middleton (Rocinante).


HPS Team Heavy Tribal 1;

HPS Team Medium Witchdoctor 1;

HPS Team Light Metzger 2;

HPS Team Ultra Light Too Ezy.

HPS Angler Heavy Titus Ango (Tribal);

HPS Angler Medium Kathy Howden (Witchdoctor);

HPS Angler Light Gary Litz (Metzger);

HPS Angler Ultra Light Pascal Michon (Too Ezy);

HPS Angler R/Up Heavy Craig Cunningham (Witchdoctor);

HPS Angler R/Up Medium Mike Shippey (Witchdoctor);

HPS Angler R/Up Light Dave Roberts (Felmara);

HPS Angler R/Up Ultra Light Lisa Monipa (Too Ezy);

Champion Boat (Capture) Metzger;

Champion Visiting Angler Kristy Faithfull (Santana);

Champion Male Angler Gary Litz (Metzger);

Champion Female Angler Kathy Howden (Witchdoctor);

Champion Junior Angler Tuhua Litz (Metzger).

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