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Keep Australia Fishing


Message from our Cairns IGFA representative Laurie Wright:
“As you are all very much aware the new Labour/Green Marine Park legislation goes before the Australian Parliament shortly.

Some independents are looking at this bill and may not support it.

It is therefore very important that we help distribute the below Keep Australia Fishing video clip on Facebook as soon and as widely as possible.

Your help in doing this would greatly appreciated even if fishing in your area is not affected. This could very well be the thin edge of the wedge for those groups who seem to have their mind set to stop recreational fishing.

It is also good to send this to your non fishing friends who do not understand that we as fishers do care about the environment but that it should be handled properly and with scientific backing.”

Featuring Dr Fish (Dr Julian Pepperell) and Lee Rayner.

Share this video on Facebook:

Go to the Youtube clip and click share or visit BMFB Facebook page and share the post.

Also, visit Keep Australia Fishing here.

Attend the rally:

Join Rex Hunt at the Torquay Fishing Club on June 2nd at 9:30am. More information here.

ACT NOW Before your Fishing Rights are Gone Forever!

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