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Fish at both ends


I had a chat with Capt. Hayden Bell on Release this morning who is enjoying his start to the day up at the Rock this morning. Hayden’s been having another pretty consistent run on the fish in the upper Ribbons with 6 in the past three days to 700lbs including a double header of 500’s and smaller fish. He also lost another nice one about 900lbs. Fishing with Hayden are the NZ Marlin Star boys which will be of interest to our kiwi readers :-)


I also heard from Capt. Adam Jordan’s Iona 2 who went 1 from 2 with this fish that they put at about 150lbs.

Updated: Capt. Brett Geotze on Reel Chase tells me they went 1 from 4 yesterday fighting one of the one they lost that he put about 800 for over an hour!

icemanI also heard more from Sam Muscat who is working with Capt. Bobby Jones again on the Iceman about their recent run of fish (including the two big ones I reported a couple of days ago). Sam says Phil is fishing with his son Dan and friend Gordon and its his second time on GBR with Bob and his last time over here was 15 years ago! This is a pic of one of the big ones (Sorry its small but its all I have!)

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