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Post Tourney Big Fish


Most of the fleet were back and fishing again by yesterday and it seemed like a good day to be back on the water for some.

Capt. Chris “Sharky” Miles on Kanahoee started a new trip the day after the tournament with Amanda Thompson back on board chasing the 50lb record. They went 1 for 1 on day 1  and then their day 2 (Monday) started with a bang releasing a 550lb-er soon after baits in. But later in the day, it got even better connecting with a real nice fish about 3pm which they went on to fight for four hours knowing it would push the record. They didn’t have their first shot at the leader until after the 3 hour mark but it was still very green. In the next hour had it couple more time with big jumps on leader. Finally they got the shot and with all hell breaking loose, the fish was nicked by the propeller (disqualifying the catch) but it measured out to about 975lbs.  Well done Amanada!

iona3I also heard from Capt. Adam Jordan on Iona 2, fresh back on board Iona 2 after the tournament (with Trent driving for the Lizard week) who started his new trip off in style with a fish he put at 950lbs for his anglers.  Mustard (on deck) sent me this pic left and apologizes for the quality as it was taken from a mobile phone. They broke the chair around 5 min into the fight so Mustard went from camera to chair holding duties.

He did get some great underwater footage (stills from the video below) and said the fish had another nice one swimming with it which you can see in frame.

Nearby, on the first day of his trip, Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham on Black Label put a sat tag into a fish about 400lbs.  And Capt. Brett Goetze on Reel Chase says they caught a little one and had a bunch of little ones up that wouldn’t eat and that the water colour has since the tournament.

Sorry to be very late on the posting today! Couldn’t get the internet to work for me. Please Telstra can we get some better service up here!?!



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