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Late Season fishing firing


The season has come back with a ‘bang’ for some of the boats still fishing with some great fish seen again yesterday. But first, a catch up report from Monday from Capt. Brett Goetze’s Reel Chase with another big fish for his first time marlin anglers.


Brett says that they went 1 from 3 but the one they caught was a monster, that he put at 1100lb+ and one of the biggest fish he has ever seen – for angler Mick Adams from from Melbourne who fought the fish for nearly 2 hours until they were able to grab the leader and let her go (video screenshot above).

Following up yesterday with another great day, they released another 2 from 4 with the first one a solid fish that he put at 900lbs and the second about 300lbs. Brett also says that just before lines in they had another shot of another real nice one however it didn’t come tight.

Also having a great day on the Bank, Capt. Kim Anderson on Bounty Hunter who released3 from 5 to 500lbs. Kim says they missed Number 6 as part of a double header that was ‘a Stevie Wonder grander’ that completely missed the big bait in a crash tackle!

Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari caught one he put at 650 and jumped off a mid-ranger. They also caught a nice yellowfin for their angler – a first for both species for him!

Some others were caught around of the smaller to mid-range variety on Shaka, Iceman and Castille III (2 from 3).  It’s a great day on the water today – bring them on!

And Capt. Tim Dean is back on the reef at the wheel of Calypso. Heading out from Cairns yesterday they caught a lovely Pacific sail for junior angler Jai Tooley (aka Graham McCloy from Game & Leisure Boat’s grandson).  Well done Jai!



A fair bit less action at Myrmidon over the weekend. Renee tells me that she was back onboard Reel Crazy spending 3 days at Myrmidon dodging storms. They tagged 1 from 1 mid-range black marlin (photo) for angler Craig Dykstra, his first heavy tackle marlin. The rest of the weekend was relatively quiet apart from the odd yellowfin.


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