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Tuesday Tidbit: Gold Coast



Catch up photo from yesterday’s report from the Sunshine Coast – this is SCGFC leading Junior Darren Martens with 1 of his 2 black marlin on Shearwater on Sunday.

More good fishing on the Gold Coast yesterday. A birdie tells me (Capt. Ross McCubbin birdie – thanks Ross) that the hot bite was before 10am with the Andrew Morly, Braddo Hitchens and Trevor Simons team on Express top scoring with 5 tags, Capt. Bobby Jones’ Iceman tagging 4 (all for Lorraine), and Watchtower tagged 4 as well. Ross said the fish were all in the 40-80kg range.

Fishing solo on his cat next to Bobby, Grant Thomson got this one too. Well done Grant – can fish, drive and photograph! ;-)


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