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Another wave of big fish move in, and Whitsunday juvies


Another report we had been waiting for came through last night from Capt. Ashley Wallis’ Kalira fishing at Linden Bank indicating another ‘wave’ of big fish have moved in.  Fishing his first heavy tackle day of the season, Ashley, with Will Pritchard on deck, kicked off with a huge “yee-haaa” releasing 3 from 5 at a massive 800, 800 and 250lb for lucky angler Alan from New Zealand.

If you remember (like I do), Ash has a habit of kicking off his seasons in style. This is what he did last year.

Great to hear more fish are moving through!

By the way, want to read my “Predicting a black marlin season article for Fishtrack” about the season ahead as it relates to the juvie season which still continues – see below.


Also a report from Whitsunday GFCs Ross Martin of the little blacks down there. Ross tells me that Ash Warland, on his boat Gamester (above) went 1 from two yesterday while Marlene and Russell Hicks Topeless also released 1 black.

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