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More Black Marlin from the top


While the strong winds have taken the edge off the current at the top (enter barracuda) there were still some fish around in the rough.

But firstly, a catch up report from the day before (Monday) from Capt. Haydon Bell on Kanahoee who caught a big one for angler Alfred Wagner who has spent many years fishing the reef and released many 950lb-er finally catching his grander that went 1130lbs. Well done Alfred and Haydon and team!

Yesterday the big fish run was replaced by a bunch of smaller fish with a good one here and there.  Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition had one about 600lbs in his three with two smaller fish while Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari continuing a good run with another 3 fish of the smaller variety to 400lb.  Capt. Brett Goetze’s Amokura also released 3 from 3 small ones to 300lbs and Capt. Bobby Jones got one nicer one about 500.

Capt. Daniel Carlson on Little Audrey had a better run staying to the south with 4 from 5 fish to 700lbs. Daniel told me that although yesterday was a mill-pond compared to the day before (I agree!) he still got a nice green one that wet his toes in the tower!  Its still windy as today but supposedly peaking at 27knots instead of 30!

On KEKOA we had the bite out of the big fish straight up but missed her and that was our day, save the marauding barracuda!

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