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Big marlin fishing as a specator sport


If you’re a regular blog reader you’ve heard the term Linden Stadium – as in, that’s where you go to watch other boats catch marlin… But sometimes its good to be the boat doing the catching (although not fishing at LB).  Capt. Tim Dean’s Calypso was the boat doing the catching yesterday putting on a spectacular show for his Texan anglers.  They caught 4 from 4 beauties inside of an hour that Tim put at 950+, 950, 900 and 850lbs while some other boats watched on! Awesome fishing!

And another big fish, this one on Capt. Ashley Wallis’ Kalira that was sat tagged that Ashley put at 1100lbs. Picture at top.

Up a bit higher, Capt. Chris “Sharky” Miles on Levante caught a nice one. I’ve been promised a catch up report from Sharky soon as its been hard for him to get in touch with the service the way it is this year – stay tuned!  And Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari continues to catch them with another two yesterday.  Corey said they got one about 650 and then another nice 800lb-er late in the arvo which jumped around in the sunset topping of a great day on the ocean. (And it really was! Great weather!)

Also up the top on KEKOA with Capt. Luke Fallon, we started off a new trip with a fish about 700lbs for Andy and missed a smaller model. And Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition had the late bite with two fish late in the day after 5 o’clock.

Update: I just got a message from Capt. Brett Goetze on Amokura who was into Port last night on changeover who caught another nice fish fish similar size to the one the day before on the way in!

Gladstone Marlin

A report from Adam Amos who tells me the weather had finally come good enough for them to head out to the 300m contour past Heron Island which they did aboard Sharkcat 1. Two hours into the troll saw a large black launch onto the long corner but failed to hook up. An hour later a blue around the 300lb mark smashed the same lure and put on a great aerial display before winning its freedom. Its awesome to see some big fish in Central Queensland!

Montebello Islands / Dampier still delivering

Capt. Chad Mills on Blue Lightning Charters was lucky enough to see a sailfish free jump, while bottom fishing and popped the lures straight in, teasing up  a black marlin soon after. The guys pitched a bait putting Mark onto his very first 80kg marlin. Not long after Chris and Brian got their first sailfish each. The last day of the trip was spent game fishing off Dampier. Chris was lucky enough to get his second sailfish for the trip, and Tony finished the
day with his very first sailfish as well. The guys were absolutely stoked as never caught billfish before!


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