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More big fish, bite resuming…


The fish are back on the reef. Slow and steady the bite has been building and some more really good quality fish among them!

Port Douglas Marlin Challenge Day 3: 6 hookups for 5 tags
Dragon Lady caught an estimated 750lb marlin at St. Crispins
Wild Turkey caught an estimated 110lb marlin at Opal Ridge
Above Grade caught an estimated 400lb marlin at Opal Ridge
Rat Bag caught an estimated 800lb marlin at Ribbon No 3
Hellraiser caught an estimated 850lb marlin at Ribbon No 2 (photo of Sue’s fish above)

Current Standings:
1st Moana 2 tags
2nd Wild Turkey 2 tags
3rd Rat Bag 2 tags

Outside of the comp, Capt. Tom Francis’ big blue boat Ultimate Lady headed south towards Cairns again for a few days off. But not before they ran over a few more marlin. He released a blue marlin wide of Number 3 Ribbon before hooking up to the sea monster further down the track off the Argincourts. The big fish gave them a tough 3.5 hour battle and eventually was released on the leader courtesy of a now straightened circle hook. Big fish pull hard hey Jerry! :-)

Likewise, Capt. Kim Andersen’s Duyfken found a couple of big ones that Kim put at 850 and 950+ respectively. And Capt. Dean Beach on Onsite also continued his trend of big fish on the reef with one about 800lb for angler Bill Diakos (photo).


Capt. Tim Dean’s Calypso caught another two and raised a few more. His first was a nice one that he put at 750lbs, and the second was a high action, high jumping smaller fish that I got a few snaps of from nearby.


Right up the top I hear the water’s still not great but a few more fish raised and seen and I heard that Capt. Bobby Jones Iceman got a nice one up there.

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