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Cairns and Fraser continues


A few reports from Cairns: Capt. Jared Weir’s Shaka release a fish Jared put at 900+ yesterday for Brian Low from Baton Rouge. Jared says that the anglers all got to see the spectacular bite as it chased the tuna in while the crew were retrieving it to change it out and ate right at the back of the boat.  Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition also released two smaller fish.

fraserIslandAnd more Gold Coast clubbies enjoying the Fraser action, Jesse Hill sent me a report from fishing inside Fraser last weekend, aboard Brendon Van Ras Mabuyu. They fished Saturday for 10-7-5, then fished Sunday morning, going 9-7-6 before 11.30am. Total stats for the 1.5 day trip: 19-13-11 black marlin, 2 Spanish and a solid long tail including 3 double hookups on the blacks. The team also fished the Hervey Bay comp 2 weeks before that, finishing 16-9-4 (I’ve given up getting the tournament report sorry!) Total stats for Mabuyu from 5 days fishing off Fraser in the last 2 weeks: 51-38-22. Pretty impressive fishing!

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