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Black marlin still outshining the stripes


Haven Charters Terrigal’s Capt. Scotty Thorrington on Freedom has up and relocated to Port for his 2015 marlin season as usual, and it wasn’t going to be long before he found the fish in numbers. Yesterday the team went five from five on small black marlin after a couple of slower days to start off.  Though its worth noting, as Ben “Notso” Bright who is on board with Scotty and Jay “Junior” Househam tells me, that the edge looks awesome and its just a matter of time before it happens there!

Further down off Sydney on Wednesday Adam Polly tells me he fished in 30 – 40fa on Mistress with Black Pete’s James Thackery. Adam report that the fishing was pretty quiet until the southerly came through at which point they started seeing and marking lots of fish. They finished the day with two from two on another double hookup. A slightly delayed double hook up.  While they were fighting the first (and towards the end of the fight) on a lure, they saw another tailing down sea so pitched a skip bait to it and got the bite. Adam also tells me that twice during the day they saw marlin feeding on dolphin fish.

It’s a summer of black marlin but the dollies have been on fire all the way down too.

And lastly, speaking of hanging in there for the season, a catch up report from Luke Amos who tells me that Sharkcat 1 and crew from Gladstone ventured wide 2 weeks ago, lost what was thought to be a good black on the first day, second day saw action in the mist of some large storms with a 80kg blue released. Like us all, Luke is interested to see how long the fish in CQ hang around for.

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